I am Meenal Sinha, aka Mona the great. Through training and personal experience I have managed to ‘translate’ health/exercise/weight-management/calorie-intake into a package of food, fitness and fun. 

I have found that people are looking for an ‘authority’ that can ‘translate’ Weight-Watchers, Slimfast, Curves, Slimtone, SouthBeach, Atkins and the like into people-speak. I have six years of personal and professional experience in this subject, and have found countless audience listening very carefully to my off-the-cuff remarks. Many have suggested that I create a Specialized Health Program on this very subject, and have provided me with encouragement to get this site up and running.

On a personal level, I embarked on a journey to get fitter and shed the extra 55 lb a while back. It took me 10mo of hard (and smart) work….and I have managed to keep it that way for more than 7 years now.

My background – I am a software analyst with MBA, CFA, Sun Java Certification, SAS Programming and similar expertise areas. My passion is health and fitness; and I have undergone rigorous training to attain Personal Trainer certification from the renowned WITS ( I have experience with a variety of Health enthusiasts who have had widely disparate health/fitness dilemmas, and I was fortunate enough in giving them just the right amount of guidance and motivation. It feels good when you can help people achieve their goals.

Contact  meenalsinha99 at gmail dot com